How to quickly and accurately buy the products you need

Do NOT buy a part just according to car or truck model Only. It is easy to make mistake. Usually need OE number, product name and car or truck model to confirm a product.

1, Confirm by OE number Or Part Number.

The OE/Part Number is the identification of the Part. Please confirm what you have is correct number to the model. Most of parts use OE number to confirm the parts.

2, Programmed Product

For products that require programming software, it is best to provide detailed information such as serial number, engine model, VIN number, and pictures (such as engine computer, transmission computer, body computer, etc.)

3, if you do not have above information, please contact our online services or send us email by We will check for you if the part works on your car.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any help!